The centrepiece of Renault’s six-model display throughout the week-long show in Canary Wharf’s Cabot Square marquee will be the company’s newest pocket-rocket, the Clio Renaultsport 182 Trophy. Hard to miss in vivid Capsicum Red, the Trophy has been developed specifically for keen British drivers seeking a compact hot hatch with sublime handling and super car-rivalling performance for both track and road.

With first deliveries in July, only 500 Clio Renaultsport 182 Trophy will be produced at the Renaultsport factory in Dieppe between June and September as production of all Clio Renaultsport finishes in September. Priced at £15,500 on the road, the Trophy version represents the pinnacle of the research and development that has gone into the Clio Renaultsport two-litre since its launch. Trophy has a specific chassis set up designed to optimise the handling of the car on the road and on a track using race car technology.

The Trophy is based on the Renaultsport 182 Cup with several technical changes. The suspension is based on the Clio Cup set-up. As a reminder, over the normal Renaultsport 182, this has lower ride height, stiffer springs (20% front, 15% rear), re-rated dampers (+20% front, +10% rear), strengthened front wheel hub carriers and revised steering geometry.

The Trophy suspension is lowered a further 10mm at the front with shorter springs. The dampers are supplied by Sachs Race Engineering and have a unique damping force/velocity curve. Normally only used in competition cars, these dampers cost 10 times more than a conventional road car damper and feature a remote reservoir to accommodate nearly 50% of the oil and gas.

Overall, these chassis modifications give the Trophy much improved damping control at all speeds, improved traction and reduced body movements (roll and pitch). This is particularly noticeable on poor quality roads, i.e. typical English B roads

Inside for the first time, Recaro Sport Trendline seats are fitted, upholstered in black. These lower the driving position by 10mm and also have far greater lateral support and adjustment to the squab depth. The steering wheel is upgraded from the Cup using that fitted to the Clio 182, leather with rubber thumb grips. The door sills have Renaultsport-branded protectors and Trophy logos along the outer side sills.

The UK currently takes over half of all Clio Renaultsport production, so only 500 right hand drive Trophy will be produced (with Switzerland the only other country to market the car, only 50 left hand drive). A plaque fitted to the driver’s seat base shows the production number of each car.

The wheels are Speedline Turini in anthracite (these are the same design to those used on the original Renaultsport 172 Cup, though with a different offset and new colour). These wheels save 1.3kg each and this reduction in the unsprung weight further improves the wheel control and therefore handling.

The engine remains unchanged, but with a two-litre 182hp, 200Nm torque engine providing a 0-62mph time of 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 140mph, Clio Trophy is all about ultimate control.

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